VDI Workgroup Call for Members

Posted March 30th, 2011 in News, Workgroup by Cloud Master

With the announcement of the IlliniCloud Workgroups,

I would like to release an Call For Members for the VDI Workgroup.

If you would like to participate head over to the wiki,  create an account on the site, then add your name to the members list on the VDI Workgroup page. You can also join our mailing list.

We are currently accepting any interested K12 people whether or not you have experience in VDI. Now is a great time to learn what Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is and how it can help your district and how it can be implemented into the IlliniCloud.

VDIW already has an informative training lined up open to Workgroup members.

We will have a VDI Mailing list shortly, please check the VDI wiki page for up to date information on the workgroup.

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