Membership will include participation in the Disaster Recovery trial for those eligible.  Trials will begin February 1st 2011 and end July 1st 2011.

There will be no charge to districts for ‘overages’ of space throughout the trial.

IlliniCloud will be using this trial period to determine the appropriate costs and membership space allotment.

After July 1 2011 there will be a cost per gigabyte for Disaster Recovery services over the membership space allotment.

IlliniCloud will conduct ongoing trials to determine costs for additional services and membership benefits.

For annual membership fees, please see below.

IlliniCloud Annual Membership Fees

  • Local Education Agencies (LEA)
    • not serving students
    • $500/yr
  • Small Districts
    • 2,500 students or less
    • $500 /yr
  • Medium Districts
    • 2,501-10,000 students
    • $1000/yr
  • Large Districts
    • 10,001+ students
    • $1500/yr

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