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Joining a WorkGroup

Becoming an official member of a Workgroup is easy! We do ask that you are part of a Member District, but it is not necessary to participate. Just perform the following:

  • Go to the Workgroups page and find a workgroup you want to participate in.
  • Join the Workgroup's mailing list. (if applicable)
  • Create an account for the IlliniCloud Wiki.
  • Add your name to the Member section at the bottom. If there is a specific job you want, put it in as your description (ie. Lead, Technical writer, product specialist, product updater, etc....)
  • Join the conversation!

It's that easy.

Being a Workgroup Leader

Being a Workgroup Leader requires some work and setup. The IlliniCloud board will normally create Workgroups, but anyone can become a leader if the position is not already taken.

Workgroup Leader Responsibilities
  • Create the landing page. Such as vdi or canvas.
    • This is the main page that the members land at. You can use any format that best suits the needs of the group, or follow the examples of others.
  • Create a mailing list.
    • The IlliniCloud hosts a mailing list server. By contacting us, we can create a mailing list for you.
  • Put together meetings and trainings
  • Define objectives of the Workgroup
  • Management of the pages for your workgroup including:
    • Rules and regulations for posting, proper formatting, typos, usage, proper naming schemes and inter-linking pages.
  • Social integrations (including Facebook and Twitter) (Optional)
Becoming a Leader
  • Normally the leader position is a first-come take.
  • However, if you believe that you would be better suited as the leader of the group, it is your responsibility to contact the current leader and politely ask for the position. If he declines, you must respect that.
  • If the position is changed, a public announcement must be made.
Handing off Leadership
  • If you are the leader and you wish to hand it off, a public announcement must be made as to who the new leader is or, if there are no current candidates, a request must be made publicly.


  • Name workgroup landing pages as the workgroup name (i.e. conferencing, lms_cms, etc...)
  • Link all sub-pages of the workgroup to the landing page. (Usually through a Pages category)
  • Common page names should be appended with workgroup initials. (i.e. lms_whitepapers, con_whitepapers)
  • Use all lower case for page names.

Common Pages

All Workgroups should create and populate the following pages accordingly. Please use appropriate naming standards.

  • whitepapers
  • members
  • projects


  • If agreed upon, the Workgroup Leader should be responsible for creation of social networking accounts for the Workgroup. The delegation can be spread across members.
  • Please prefix account names with IC_. i.e IC_VDI, IC_Conferencing.
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