IlliniCloud Workgroups

IlliniCloud Workgroups

IlliniCloud Workgroups are here and open to Illinois school districts!

IlliniCloud will be hosting collaborative teams in the form of Workgroups. We hope that people from all over Illinois with expertise will join us in researching, collaborating and testing all the many technologies that can help make Education better.

Most of the work will take place on the IlliniCloud Workgroup Wiki and on mailing lists. Check out the Wiki for information on how to join and participate in workgroups or become a Workgroup Leader.

We are always looking for more suggestions but as of today, the official Workgroups supported by IlliniCloud are:

  • Conferencing
    • Conferencing Software, including but not limited to: Big Blue Button, WebEx, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, etc…
  • Canvas
  • Google Apps
    • Integration of Google Apps into schools
  • LMS and CMS
    • Learning Management System and Curriculum Management Systems: Moodle, Blackboard, etc…
  • Disaster Recovery
    • Disaster Recovery solutions.
  • SMS
    • Student Management Systems such as Skyward and PowerSchool ”This group might be broken into more specialized Workgroup teams in the future”
  • VDI
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Including Vmware View, Citrix, Stoneware, etc… Also known as a hosted desktops and provisioning.
  • Video Portals
    • TubeOS and other variants for delivering internal youtube-like services.

Again, check out the IlliniCloud Workgroup Wiki for more information.